Clackamas, Oregon


Recreational Producer


Orange Kush      Blueberry Kush
Mango Kush 23.77% THC Phantom Cookies

Oregon OLCC licensed Microgrowery. Small-Batch Premium Cannabis.



Blackberry Kush, Blueberry Kush

 Cinex, Double Tangie Banana, Jack Herer, Mango

 Obama, Orange Crush, Phantom Cookie

  Mango23.77% THC

This pretty lady comes in at 23.77% THC and the mango, sweet, & tropical flavors are sure to light up your palet. The exhale is smooth and refreshing. We love the terpene profile of the mango and this is best smoked with a mango slice or two.

Phantom Cookie

"Fall is starting to approach and it's time to embrace the weather change. What better way than with this flower. The sweet smells of soft fruit and herbs come through heavy on the nose. The flavor of fruit, herbs, and spice really began to explode on my taste buds. One hit, two hits, three hits later I could feel my body floating as if I became the phantom. My eyes began a good haze around them and my face couldn't help but smile. This was a great way to start the day with relaxing and calmness, and hints of happiness. I recommend this strain to everyone. Great job on that flower from one of the most clean gardens I have ever been to."